The purpose of Sitting on Jesus’s Lap: Life on Earth is to let the world know what to do when they are crying out for help. Help is a word that is being used more and more, without any accountability or action. Maybe a hundred years ago, people were reluctant to ask for help, while now the outcries for help are much greater.

What is going on in today’s society that’s causing this cry for help to be used often? Is it just a common word that people use so freely? Or is it because we have an extremely high outcry for help from all the problems we have on earth? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Is it doing me any justice? Or is the cry for help being taken in vain?

Sometimes, we cry out while hoping it is just a bad dream, only to realize that we all need help at some point in our lives. Use this book as a tool to bless you and help you during your life trials. This book will help you find the answers to most of life’s biggest questions and problems on earth.

Love yourself as God loves you. Remember, you are unique. You have a great purpose in life. Use Sitting on Jesus’s Lap: Life on Earth to help you find and live your purpose.


We as humans are still trying to figure out life by falsely achieving and accomplishing what the world has to offer. At the end of the day something is still missing.

While we were chasing things in the world, the creator of our creation was chasing us with His love.

Sometimes we achieve everything in life that makes us happy but we are missing that one thing that brings us joy.


Honor God with Your Body is a book that helps the reader to know who they really are apart from who they may have tried to be.

God has freely given everyone everything they need from birth and His desire is for us to use our talents, gifts, and abilities to our highest potential. To live a life free of comparing and trying to be like someone else.

People may seem perfect on the outside but in reality, they may be miserable on the inside behind closed doors. This book is designed to protect you from you and other bad advisors. To put the joy back into our minds about ourselves, so we can love ourselves again.


When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Something beautiful? Or something you don’t like? Most people might say, “I don’t like what I see.” Or worst, they might say, “I hate what I see.”

God doesn’t want to leave us in the dark, but to show us His purpose through the dark. It’s amazing on how sometimes it takes being in the dark, to see God’s plan, so it can be manifested in the light, by the Lord working through us.

This life of freedom doesn’t stop here on earth but it comes with a greater freedom that can only be experienced in heaven. A place with tremendous joy and peace. A place where there is no return. A place we might call paradise.