Finding Your Purpose: Why Is It Necessary?

Everyone has a purpose in life. God created each and every person for a reason. However, not all people can immediately find and live their purpose. There are many people who exist without having a certain goal or purpose in mind. They wake up every day, asking themselves, “What is this day for? Is my life going to change at any moment?” More often than not, these people soon find themselves feeling lost and empty inside. To be clear, emptiness does not only linger on those people who are suffering or in pain. Sometimes, even those who seem to have it all – money, fame, social status – can still feel the emptiness of having no purpose in life.

Indeed, purpose is a necessary element of life. This is one of the main points of Troy Louis’ transformative book Sitting on Jesus’s Lap, a book that aims to help people find the answers to most of life’s biggest questions and problems on earth. This book particularly examines today’s society, as more and more people continue to wallow in emptiness and cry out for help. In general, Sitting on Jesus’s Lap is a useful guide that can help you find and live your purpose. You can use it as a tool to bless you and help you during your life trials.

To further convince you to find and live your purpose, below are some of the most fundamental reasons why purpose is a necessary part of life.

Purpose allows you to recognize what is important

Knowing your purpose essentially allows you to sort out your priorities in life. When you know your purpose, you can easily differentiate between what is important and what is not. Most certainly, once you have found your true purpose in life, you would soon come to the realization that all of the things that you had been working toward in the past were pointless in the grand scheme of things. Once you have already found your purpose, you would begin to see things more clearly, and your life would be redirected. Especially in these modern times when everyone seems to be easily distracted by the nuisances of life, knowing and living your purpose is very much important in keeping you focused.

Purpose helps you develop constant drive despite trials

More often than not, the challenges and trials that you face can be the biggest distraction in your life. Not only do they distract you from fulfilling the plans that God has prepared for you, but they can also shrink your drive little by little until you are already on the brink of collapse. Knowing and living your purpose is what can keep you from reaching such point. Having a purpose essentially helps you develop a constant, unrelenting drive that can stand against whatever challenges or trials. When you know fully well your purpose in life, it would not be easy for anything or anyone to push you toward the edge of giving up.

Purpose leads you to the life God has prepared for you

This is perhaps the most fundamental reason why you need to find your purpose – your purpose ultimately leads you to the life that God Himself has prepared for you. As mentioned, everyone has a purpose in life. Even before you were born, God has already laid out His plans for you. In order to fulfill such plans, however, you need to live the purpose that God Himself has chosen for you. Once you start living your God-given purpose, you would soon find yourself transforming into a wise, strong, and resilient person who knows how to discern what is right from wrong and how to overcome the temptations of sin. This can then help you develop a closer and deeper relationship with God.

In summary, to live a life of contentment and happiness, you need to have a purpose. This purpose is something that God Himself has determined for you. Oftentimes, the emptiness that many people feel inside merely stem from their lack of purpose in life. When you have a purpose, you basically fill yourself with reasons to wake up every day. Purpose is what can keep you focused, driven, and resilient. More importantly, it can make you closer to God. As Troy Louis’ Sitting on Jesus’s Lap points out, finding and living your purpose is important because it allows you to live with and for God, the only one who can bring you genuine joy and happiness in life.