How does God Want You to Love Yourself?

Have you ever thought about how you look at yourself? If yes, how do you see yourself? Many people today, including Christians, go through life feeling like they are not worthy of anything good. You can never avoid feeling insecure; society’s standards of beauty nowadays are to be blamed. However, this should not be the case. Negative self-image will only lead to poor decision making in in life. This blog will provide you with ways to achieve the self-love that God wants you to have.

If you beat yourself up for things you cannot control, consider resetting your mindset. It would be best if you never based the foundation of your worth on meaningless and inconsequential factors. These aspects are not the way God sees you. In God’s eyes, you are valuable, and He wants you to look at yourself the way He does. He wants you to love yourself the way He does. If you’re going to save yourself from your own negative thoughts, a book called Honor God With Your Body by Troy Louis will definitely be of help. The book’s purpose is to make yourself see what truly matters, putting back self-love into your life, freeing you from insecurities. This book will bring the happiness you deserve into yourself. But how does God really want you to Love Yourself?

We often hear people say always to glorify God with your body. But what does it mean? Well, there are a lot of ways to honor God. One way you can do is by taking care of all your possessions that God has blessed you with. He wants you to take care of your body with grace, love, and acceptance. In 1 Corinthians 6:19, Paul describes our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. This means that God’s Spirit lives in you and that you are a holy place. Thus, taking care of your health mentally, spiritually, and physically is always a must.


To get the most out of life that God has given us, you need to look after your mental health. If you have a restless mind, you need to do things that can stop it. There are simple ways of how you can quiet your mind. Meditating is one effective method. The habit of meditating will give you peace of mind. It takes all the worries away. Start by sitting and not thinking about anything for two to three minutes. This process will relax your mind and make you appreciate all the things you have. This will only take a few minutes from your time for a lifetime of positive results. Stop being anxious about all the things you can’t control, for God did not give us the spirit of fear. Sometimes, saying a prayer is all you need.


Why does God want us to stay physically healthy? It’s because He wants us to have the energy to do His works. Each person in this world that He created serves their purpose. Thus, He has laid out plans for your life. To properly execute these plans, you need to have a healthy body. Eating clean and doing daily exercise can help with this factor. You can take one little step at a time. Replacing unhealthy pieces of your diet with fresh fruits and veggies will do.


Keeping our relationship with God as healthy as possible is what makes you spiritually healthy. It is not a guarantee that attending church on Sundays will make your connection with Him stronger. Sincerity and honesty are some of the ingredients to have it right. When you talk to Him, you need to open your heart. Talk to Him about your troubles, hopes, and dreams. Listening to worship songs will also work, especially if you love listening to music. Sing along and feel the melody and lyrics.

In conclusion, God wants you to take care of yourself the way takes care of you. He does not want you to go through life hating parts of it. Nourishing and cherishing your body, mind, and soul is what He wants from you. If you want to know more about self-love in God’s ways, check out Troy Loius’ Honor God with Your Body. This book will give you an excellent perspective to see yourself better than before.