How to Become What God Wants You to Be

God wants nothing in return for the love He gave to His people, other than becoming what He plans you to be. Some may this as fate. But in fact, it is actually God’s plan. He sets the path and destination for you. Each path and destination is varied. Yours may be a long trip and others may have shorts ones. God’s plan for each person is quite unique. God desires for us to make use of the potential He has given to His people— although some of you may not be sure what their destinations are as of the moment.

God planted you on Earth to play a huge role in a big picture. His plans for you will coincide with His plans for another. In essence, God has interconnected each of our lives together. And He wants you to discover who you should be to better play that role. To Him, what’s important is not what you do but who you are. Pursuing fortune, fame, and other accomplishments in life far from God’s desires for you to becoming the person He created you to be. It will always be a challenge to discover who you should be. Hence, this article will give you tips that will aid you to becoming what God wants you to be.

Examine Your Heart and Mind

Change is the only thing constant in the world we live in. It is also the hardest thing to do. It takes days, weeks, and months for you to change. Some of you may be in a state of quandary, a state in which you do not know the path set for you. Thus, take a close look at your heart and mind. Ask yourself these questions, “Are my desires aligned with God? Are my senses in line with God?” If you found that your answer is NO, then compel to change. Conversion is the best road to take to get closer to becoming what God wants for you. Once you changed, learn to love yourself. You will never know what God wants you to be when you don’t love yourself. Troy Louis’ take of self-love on Honor God With Your Body is that each person, no matter the gender, must come to terms to what God gave. When you don’t love what you have, you will not only bloom into your greatest potential, but also sidetrack you to achieving God’s plans.

Welcome God in Your Life

Remember the times where you reach out to your teacher to understand a particular topic? In this case, you don’t know who you should be and you must seek God to find the answers to your questions. As quoted in the book of Matthew, “ Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives. He who seeks finds. To him who knocks it will be opened.” Welcome God in your life. Pray if you must. It is during this undertaking that God will touch your spirit. When you have God, the journey to discovery will be easier. He will guide you every step of the way. You will be enlightened on particular aspects that you may have not noticed before. When God’s presence is felt, it propels you to becoming a better version of yourself. Therefore, a better version of yourself is the person whom God wanted you to be.

Embody the Scriptures

A God-like identity will help you become what God wants you to be. Most people who ahcieved their true identity embodies the traits written on the Scriptures. The Scriptures says that to be like God, live a life of patience, integrity, obedience, and honor. The aforementioned are the key to unlocking the door to becoming the person God want you to be. You will grow as a person as you embody these traits. Line up your behavior to what matters to God. Find out His plans and beliefs and make them your own. Allow the Scriptures to transform you. After which, you will become aware of the value of everything in each and every life.

Absorb God’s Plan

God has a plan for each living being in the world. However, God’s plan can be beyond comprehension. Therefore, instead of understanding the plan, absorb it. For you to find out who your should be, you must lose control. Submit yourself to the Lord and let Him guide you. Understand that everything that goes around you is all because of God’s plans. Have faith as this will bring greater understanding and blessings. The good and the bad that occured in your life are part of God’s big plan for you. This will build you up into the person who God wants you to be. Do not drown yourself in the sorrow. Think of it as a foundation to the greater things you do in the future.