The Significance of Christ in the Human Experience

Unfortunately, it’s regrettably uncanny and not too far-fetched from reality to postulate that the present state of the world we currently live in is caught-up in an overwhelmingly negative, worryingly heightened state of consciousness. It is also sensitive towards adverse nation-wide events and collective losses shared by all of humanity. Humankind is no stranger to casualties and times of hardship since our species has thrived, progressed, and diversified up until this point. However, despite the thousands of years that have gone by since the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, it seems that a whole lot of individual people have failed to come to know, love, accept, and grow in the essence and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ the way God intended us to do so towards Him in our daily lives. It’s visible in society now more than ever, amid a global virus pandemic. 

From a spiritually intellectual standpoint, it’s essential to acknowledge and analyze the factors at play that fuel the need for embodying and following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in our lives. What’s changing in today’s modern culture that urges this call for intervention to be so sought-after frequently? Is it just a generic term that is used too openly by people? Or is this because of all the issues we face on earth that we have a weighty appeal for additional assistance? Are these all pre-existing, underlying issues exemplified by the modern turn of events in today’s story of the world, or is there a uniqueness to its current relevance that transcends the past and dictates the future?

Meals, clothes, accommodation, pleasant sights, noises, smells, flavors, sensory experiences, and material amenities influence our perception of reality. The physical level is connected to physical facilities. Some individuals are very successful, wealthy, and blessed. They’ve got fame, jobs, admiration, and numerous friends. But still, they are individuals who suffer worldly problems. This is directly caused by the inability of our minds to perceive true comfort or satisfaction – the desire for more. This adds emotional unhappiness to somebody with a lot of tension, worry, competition, envy, dislike, connection. Therefore, physical and maternal health has drawbacks. Some say a man can never be truly satisfied because humans always want they can’t have. by observing individual people from all walks of life, it’s obvious that, no matter what degree of the hierarchy of living-standards a man is born into, more often than not they will always desire more than what they currently have, which creates a cycle of non-contentedness, and subsequently, unhappiness. 

This is the classic case of being a victim of our own environment – a product of the circumstances that we humans are inadvertently born into. However, there’s always a choice because we as human beings have the intellectual capability to think introspectively and comprehend vast, cosmic, and spiritual concepts with highly precise intelligent cognition. By consciously neglecting our spiritual well-being, it is likely that life will not be happy. And it’s very likely that seeking out the wisdom and enlightenment of Jesus Christ is the solution. To reach out to the Lord for comfort and advice is like Sitting on Jesus’s Lap, just like children to their parents, asking for advice or seeking guidance in a time of perceived danger or confusion. He is our Holy Father, after all.

Spirituality can be used as a means for coming to terms with a harsh reality, then using it to put effort into changing that reality to a better, more positive one. To accept that we exist within the uncertainty of a developing universe is, therefore, to acknowledge that we exist in connection to the supreme mystery—which is the root and purpose of all creation—what we call “God.” To be truly human, then, is to have a groundbreaking link with this holy mystery—even though many individuals still are hesitant to use the word ‘God.’ Finally, it is not a question of logical reasoning or plain perception or even the courage to name this deity who is responsible for our humanity. The divine uncertainty transcends the world and human nature, whether we know it or not, such that we ‘exist’ within this mystery like a flock of birds in the sky. Sometimes, realizing this is all we need to come closer to Christ and seek out the positive goals that we must achieve to make our short existence in this mortal realm worthwhile in the context of the universe. For some, it is Christ; for some, it is unnamable or unclassifiable, and for some, it’s just energy. Whatever one’s perception towards it may be, one thing remains the same – the positivity that emanates from healthy spirituality creates a positive impact in our lives and the lives of others, creating a cycle. In the Christian belief, being in touch with one’s spirituality is much like sitting in Jesus’ lap, asking wholeheartedly for guidance and wisdom.