Why You Should Write for God’s Glory

Are you devout a Christian who enjoys writing? Have you ever felt like you are being called by God to share His message with other people? If yes, then maybe God is calling you to become a Christian writer. Being a Christian writer means writing for the glory of God. It means learning, understanding, and writing about His sacred message for other people. Writing for the glory of God signifies that you are willing to help others recognize and become enlightened by His Word. There plenty of Christians out there who have devoted their lives to this mission. Troy Louis is an example of them. Troy Louis is a Christian writer who has authored several books aimed at helping people find their purpose in life and establish a close relationship with God. Since his teenage years, Troy Louis has already given his life to God and desired to live for him. Such desire ignited a passion within him to write for the glory of God and in aid of other Christians. Just like Troy Louis, you can become a Christian writer too. There are essentially many reasons why you should write for the glory of God.

Your gift in writing is meant to be shared

Generally, everyone is gifted with a unique purpose beyond personal enjoyment. You are created and placed into this world for a reason. You are made to fulfill a certain purpose. If you think your purpose is to write, then, by all means, write for the glory of God. Your ability to write is essentially a gift given to you by God, and such gift is meant to be shared. The world deserves to read what you have to say. More importantly, the message of God deserves to be shared through your writing. When you write for the glory of God, you are turning your literary ability into a contribution. You are using your talent and skills for a cause bigger and more profound than the pursuit of selfish enjoyment. This is what God wants you to do. He wants you to utilize your God-given abilities in valuable pursuits. He wants you to use your gift wisely and generously.

Your writing is essential in spreading the Word of God

God has written. He has written His commandments, instructions, teachings, and revelations for everyone to read, understand, and follow. The Word of God has been given so that human beings would know how to live their lives according to His plan. Sometimes, however, many people fail or refuse to recognize and understand what God is trying to say. It is for this reason that writers like you are needed in the community of God. Writing for the glory of God does not mean that you eclipse His words. But instead, it means that you illuminate them, explain them, celebrate them, and spread them for others to know. In essence, writing for the glory of God signifies that you are allowing yourself to become an instrument in spreading His sacred message. Through your writing, more and more people can learn and understand the Word of God, which has been conveyed by God Himself for the sake of humanity.

Writing for God’s glory feeds your soul

The Word of God was not only written to teach human beings and make them obey but also to fill them. Oftentimes, when people are feeling down and empty, the Word of God might exactly be the only thing that they need to refill their souls. This is good news, especially for writers like you. Is it not so relieving to know that whenever you are empty, you can always run to the Word of God and absorb its substance to make you feel complete and active again? Writing for the glory of God is, in essence, a form of nourishment. As you constantly write for Him, you are also allowing yourself to learn more and more about Him. This feeds your soul and facilitates your growth not just as writer but as a Christian in general.

In conclusion, you should write for the glory of God because it can give you a great sense of purpose in life. Here, you can experience a different kind of fulfillment that you might not be able to experience everywhere else. Christian writers like Troy Louis are witnesses to the truthfulness of this. Their personal and spiritual successes have proven how fulfilling it is to write for the glory of God. God has gifted you with the ability to write. Use such gift in improving not just your life but also that of others. Offer your writing to God and become the best Christian writer that you can be!